Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 Humor for the love of our Pets

Have the Holidays left you feeling a little STRESSED

Trying out for the entertainment - for the Family Wedding

When your cup runneth over

I would like to think that her Mommy is right
around the corner


Black or with Milk

This is my kind of dog,

smarter than the people who posted the sign

If the shoe doesn't fit ~ your stuck on the velcro

IF the shoe fits wear it

When your not really sure if you wanted a cat as a pet

Where there is WARMTH there is LOVE

Have a wonderful day with your family,

be safe

And hug your Pets today

Till we meet again~Blessings, Cheryl

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy New Year ~ 2009

The Christmas Holidays are over, Whew, I made it thru another year.

Mailed my cards to family and friends far away.

Wrapped our presents on Christmas Eve with my daughter NiCollette.

On Christmas Eve we made our Breakfast Casserole and French Toast Casserole, and all our pies and cakes.

Christmas morning, we slept in until 9. Put our breakfast in the oven, turned on the coffee and set the table for breakfast, after breakfast we went up to the 3rd floor of our home and opened presents by the Christmas Tree.

After we exchanged our gifts, we headed back downstairs to get ready for Christmas Dinner.

We cooked Prime Rib Roast, a Spiral Ham.

Baked potatoes with sour cream, bacon bits and cheese

Green Bean Casserole, butternut squash, buttered corn rolls and butter

Desserts: Pecan pie, chocolate creme pie, cheesecake and Red Velvet Cake

After dinner we talked with family and friends and relaxed.

What a wonderful day we had, I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Another year is upon us, I hope for good health for family and friends a wonderful happy and prosperous New Year

And remember on New Years Eve when you return home, have something in your hands when you enter your door, it is an old custom that my mother always followed, it means you will have a prosperous New Year

Till we meet again~Blessings~Cheryl

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Storm is coming to our area, tomorrow, and its a BIG one. We were just hit with an ice storm that left many many towns in New England devasted. Some are still without power. Everyone is geering up for the storm, that's what we do in New England.

School has already been set to let the kids out 3 hours earlier than usual. We go grocery shopping and stock up, because you never know the stores might not open ever again. Shovels are waiting at the doors, the salt is ready to pour on the steps and the walks. The snow blowers have all been gased up and the snow plows you see waiting at the shopping malls and in everyones driveways. We get the cord wood ready for the fire places, the woodstoves and we then enjoy those wonderful roaring fires at the Hearth

This happens every year in New England, and we do it the same way every year. Us New Englanders are very conservative and we like to be ready for what every comes our way. If were not ready then we are devastated.

We know we will survive we are survivors, it usually doesn't just happen once a year, it sometimes happens over and over again. And, then we have next year, and the next year, and as long as we live in New England we will endure the change of seasons. They say if you stand in one place long enough the weather will change. We do have beautiful seasons to enjoy, my favorite is Fall. I grew up in Orlando Florida so I'm not much of a winter person, but I do take it all in stride and try to make the best of the winter. We tend to hibernate during the winter months as the bears do. I like to sew and hook my rugs and decorating is an all time favorite of mine.

It does look pretty when the snow is falling and right after, especially at Christmas time when the houses are all beautifully decorated for the Holidays.
It does get us in the Christmas Spirit. We all love a White Christmas. It seems if its not White, then something is missing. Well its time to bundle down and get ready for the White Winter Wonderland.

I am posting a few pictures of my home decorated for Christmas, these are just a few, more to come

Till we meet again Blessings Cheryl!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm almost finished decorating, I have put up a couple of tress and a few of my many Christmas items. I have so much Christmas stuff in boxes in the basement that I don't even bring it all out anymore. I sift through the boxes and every year I seem more selective in what I put out.
I seem to have gotton to be more of a purist with Christmas and decorating. I love to decorate with natural items from the outside. I cut pine from my own pine trees in my yard I bring in pinecones and of course the winter berries oh I love the red winter berries.
I have my little window lights in the windows, my old sleds outside resting on the steps as if someone had just got finished sledding.
I love the old early look of Christmas
Cotton Batting Santas, old mittens, old stockings on the mantel. Lots of my early pieces get a touch of pine to bring out the Christmas feel.
Next, I will go outside and put some white lights on my little old fence in the front yard with a roping of evergreen and some greens on the old sleds.
Bring out the old wool blankets to decorate with, old bowls filled with fresh pine, pomegrantes and oranges
Candy jars filled with old fashioned candy canes
And a wreath on the doors
and maybe if I'm lucky I will string another garland of fruit.
I'll post pictures as soon as it all looks festive
Till we meet again~ Blessings Cheryl

Monday, December 1, 2008


My little eyes are watching

All you say and do

And when I grow up big and tall
I want to be like you.

My little ears are listening

To everything you say

I am learning how to grow up

To be like you someday.

So be careful how you teach me

To be the person that you are.

You’re a knight in shining armor

You’re my brightest shining star.


12-01-1993 / 12-01-2008

Friday, November 28, 2008



Till we meet again~Blessings

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Be thankful that you don't already have everything you desire.If you did, what would there be to look forward to?

Be thankful when you don't know something, for it gives you the opportunity to learn.

Be thankful for the difficult times. During those times you grow.

Be thankful for your limitations, because they give you opportunities for improvement.

Be thankful for each new challenge, because it will build your strength and character.

Be thankful for your mistakes. They will teach you valuable lessons.

Be thankful when you're tired and weary, because it means you've made a difference. It's easy to be thankful for the good things.

A life of rich fulfillment comes to those who are also thankful for the setbacks. Gratitude can turn a negative into a positive. Find a way to be thankful for your troubles,and they can become your blessings.

Author unknown.
Have a wonderful day with family and friends
I wish you all blessings on this day
Till we meet again ~ Blessings

Monday, November 10, 2008

Veterans Day is a legal U.S. holiday observed each year on November 11. It honors all veterans, living and dead, who fought in wars since World War I.

Remembering all those in active duty, who are fighting for freedom in honor of our country, who are scarificing their lives so that we may live in a free country.

I salute them and pray for them, so they return home safe to their families

Keep them in your prayers

Till we meet again~Blessings

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Voters passed Question 3, which phases out greyhound racing by 2010 at the few remaining Massachusetts racetracks. Racing dogs endure lives of terrible confinement, kept in small cages barely large enough to stand up or turn around for 20 or more hours per day. The dogs also suffer serious injuries in high-speed collisions on the track, including broken legs, head trauma and heart attacks. Fortunately, there's now a light at the end of the tunnel for these gentle dogs.
Till we meet again~Blessings

Tuesday, November 4, 2008



Friday, October 24, 2008

Massachusetts Voters & Greyhounds

If you live and vote in Massachusetts, please click on the link I have provided


Save these beautiful and loving dogs from the cruelty and loneliness they suffer
Let everyone you know about this question on the ballot
They are depending 0n us to save them, please don't let them down


Till we meet again ~ Blessings

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Dreams are such wonderous things And always surpassing fair, Not much like what life brings to us Of trials and sorrow and care. In the years of youth I dreamed fair dreams Of the wonderful things I’d do; But in the eyes of the world today Not one of those dreams came true. But as I sit and backward look, How wonderful it seems That God has sent more marvelous things Than ever was in my dreams.
~ Leila M. Wells ~
Till we meet again~Blessings

Monday, October 13, 2008

Made curtains for my breakfast room

Changed the curtains in my breakfast room last night. These were panels that had tabs on them, I cut the tabs off, sewed a pocket for the tension rod. I hung them with twine. Sew Simple
Till we meet again ~ Blessings

Friday, September 19, 2008

Diaster Planning for Pets: Do you know what to pack?

Disaster Planning For Pets: Do You Know What To Pack?
As residents of the southeast coast of Texas wait for Hurricane Ike's floodwaters to recede, and citizens of Louisiana and Florida continue to sort through storm wreckage, the message couldn't be clearer—now is the time to create emergency evacuation plans that include pets.
The ASPCA would like to offer the following list of essential items to pack for your animal companions in advance, should you be faced with evacuation:

*Pet first-aid kit and guide book

*3 to 7 days' worth of canned (pop-top) or dry food

*Disposable litter trays (aluminum roasting pans are perfect)

*Litter or paper toweling

*Liquid dish soap and disinfectant

*Disposable garbage bags for clean-up

*Dishes for food and water

*Extra harness and leash

*Photocopies of medical records

*Waterproof container with a two-week supply of any medicine your pet requires

* Bottled water—at least seven days' worth for each person and pet

* Traveling bag, crate or sturdy carrier, ideally one for each pet



*Recent photos of your pet(s)

*Pet Grab ‘N Go Bag (can be crucial to protecting your pet’s paperwork)

*Especially for cats: Pillowcase or EvackSack, toys, scoopable litter

*Especially for dogs: Long leash and yard stake, toys and chew toys, a week's worth of cage liner

*For a more complete list of emergency planning tips and the Ready Pets brochure on pet-friendly evacuation, visit the Disaster Preparedness section of our website.
Until we meet again ~ Blessings

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Reed Diffuser ~ Smells Soooo Goood!

I have been wanting one of these reed diffuser's for awhile, but the price of them was more than I wanted to spend. And, I didn't want anything cute, I wanted something plain. Today, I was at Wal-Mart, and I found these, a clear glass jar. I bought two, Lavendar and Apple-Cinnamon, and I tied twine around the top of this one. They smell really good. The price was only $4.97 each. They weren't in the candle section but with the oils. They had other ones but they were priced at $12.97 and they had flowers on the glass part, not something I wanted in my home. I quess if you look long and hard you finally get what you want.
Till we meet again ~ Blessings

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Give Away on "The Pickled Pepper Patch" Blog

This awesome give-away is being given away at the blog of:
Stop by and visit her wonderful blog and leave her a comment to enter into her drawing. Can't you just smell the cinnamon rolls!!!!!!!!!!!!
She makes these cinnamon rolls out of fabric, WOW, talent!
Till we meet again~Blessings

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

THE ANIMALS ARE SAFE~From the Hurricane

Hurricane Gustave came and left, but not without leaving its mark. As all hurricane's do, they leave a path of destruction. But, what was learned from Katrina, will not be forgotton. This time people were evacuated early and without many problems, they found shelter, food and dry spaces. Those with pets, could not take them into the shelters, for reasons we can all understand. This time, the animal welfare people were there and ready for all the four legged friends, they had their plan thought out and ready to go into action. And that they did. They had places for the animals to go shelters - dry spaces, transporation to get the animals there, crates, food, water, and volunters to help take care of the animals. The shelter was nearby where the familes were staying so they could come and take care of their pets and visit with them, and let them know they did not abandon them. Thank God for all the wonderful and compassionate people who help out when times of trouble come in. These animals were not forgotton and I think that is so wonderful - it makes my heart feel good.

I was very worried about the animals during this storm and all storms that pass thru towns and cities. We all should do our part in our towns to train for a diaster, should it happen in our own town. Check at your local town hall or city hall. I know in my town we have training classes so those who want to help out will be trained. I spoke with our local animal control officer Leona, and I am going to sign-up for training in our town to help out with the animals. Your local animal control center also looks for blankets, towels and anything you can give that would be animal related. They like to keep a big stock pile of supplies

Help out if you can, by giving your old sheets, towels or blankets for the animals
Lets hope we never need to use our knowledge of a diaster in our own home town, but if need be, we need to be READY

Watch this video that was sent to me on email by the Humane Society of the United States - you will see first hand what a great job they did.
~Make sure you turn the volume up on your speakers~


~Till we meet again - Blessings~

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Quote for the 1st of September

Until we meet again, Blessings

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Brown Primitive Tree

~Happy Labor Day Weekend to everyone in Blog Land~

This is a tutorial on spray painting those green trees we all have into a primitive brown tree we all want~
It's really simple!
You will need:
1. A tree
2. Newspaper & tape
3. Spray Paint

First you need to bring everything OUTSIDE
Wrap the bottom of the tree in the newspaper and tape it closed. This is a picture of the tree before I painted it, my tree had pine cones on the branches, I cut the pine cones off, and saved them for another project, you could wire the pine cones back on after you paint the tree.

Open your can, shake and start spraying. I hold the bottom of the tree and rotate the tree making sure I spray all over and cover the tree really good, so none of the green is showing. I used almost a whole can of spray paint on these trees. My trees are about 2ft tall, they are the called Tahoe Trees. You could also spray the German Twig Trees, which I am going to try next, I have quite a few of them. These will take quite a few cans of spray paint.

Newspaper wrapped around base

Spray Paint, I bought my spray paint at Michaels, and used my 40% off coupon. The paint is by Design Master. I used "October Brown" also called Milk Chocolate #718

And for the other tree I used "Terra Cotta" #796

And here are the finished trees, I love them spray painted in these colors. I keep mine up year around and put tiny decorations on them according to the time of year it is. I have tiny beeswax candles that I put on with thin wire and I use the tiny seed lights with brown color wire

The tree below has the tiny seed lights, if you look close you can probably see them.

Have fun and start spraying

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday with your families. God Bless our soliders and their families!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Drum Roll Please.....Here are my 7 nominees for this award!!!


I am nominating 7 blogs that are just so wonderful and inspiring. I have loved reading their blogs, they have inspired me to start blogging. I check their blogs at least once a day (who am I kidding I check them a trillion times a day, I'm like a stalker). Pleae stop by and say HI to them!!!!They have probably already been nominated for this and other awards, but I would like to nominate them from my prespective. Thank you!! Till we meet again ~ Blessings

Here are the RULES for this nomination, ENJOY!!!!!

1. The winner can put the logo on her blog.

2. Link the person you received your award from.

3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.

4. Put Links of those logos on yours.

5. Leave a message on the blogs of those you've nominated.

1. Quaint and Plain ~ Turkey Hollow Primitives ~ I love her wonderful simple pictures, and her quotes that she writes for us. Her wonderful sense of primitive is so refreshing. Thank you Miss Prudence for blogging!

2. Goldieloo-Woodworks ~ Her love of animals and her compassion to save all those that are abandoned, hurt and forgotton, shows me that she is a wonderful kind hearted soul. And I thank you for loving those that don't have a voice and for being their voice. Keep up the good work!

3. Blond & Blithe ~ Love her honesty. Her writing is so beautifully done. She should be a writer. Keep on writing and we'll keep on reading!!

4. Farmgirl Fare ~ City girl turned farm girl. Love the stories of your farm animals and all the going on's on the farm. Sounds like so much fun!!

5. Primitive Sisters Hidden in the Attic ~ Amazing artist, her and her sister. Love all her work, and the blogging is wonderful. Keep on creating!!!!

6. Chickadee Primitives ~ A Kind hearted soul. Wonderful Artist who is inspired by all things around her. A family person and one who loves her animals. How is Ginger doing? Keep up the good work!!!

7. Dog Patch Primitives ~ To Dwell in Primitive Thymes ~ Love reading your blog and looking at all those great pictures you post. As an animal advocate myself, I am fond of other animal advocates. Keep loving the animals and caring for them. THANKS!!!


Sunday, August 24, 2008



2. Second be sure that the object you spied was indeed a baby by employing classic sniffing techniques. If you smell baby powder and the wonderful aroma of wet diapers then:

This is indeed a baby!

3. Next you will need to flatten the baby before actually beginning the hugging process. Note: The added slobber should help in future steps by making the "paw slide" easier

4. The 'Paw Slide' simply slide paws around baby and prepare for possible close-up

5. Finally if a camera is present you will need to execute the difficult and potential "hug, smile, and lean" so as to achieve the best photo quality.

Dogs, if this is done properly, it will secure you a warm, dry, climate-controlled environment for the rest of your life!

This was sent to me by a very dear friend. Enjoy!
Until we meet again ~ Blessings

Saturday, August 23, 2008


I am so excited, and honored I have received an AWARD. My FIRST ONE, I can't even believe it yet, someone pinch me. Lori at "THE OLDE PRIMITIVE HOUSE" nominated me. Thank you so much Lori you are a sweetheart. I have been seeing lots of awards on other blogs, and now on mine. I'm so new at blogging, but boy do I enjoy it. All my blogging friends, that's what I feel like everyone is, even though we haven't personally met, in some way were all friends. We enjoy the same things, we enjoy each others company, we all love talking and peeking into each others homes, isn't that what friends do.
Stay tuned I will soon nominate this award to my fav blogs, actually there all my favorites, but I can only pick 7. First, I have to learn how to do this the correct way and then I will be off and running. Wish me luck. In the meantime stop by and say HI to Lori at "THE OLDE PRIMITIVE HOUSE"
Again, that you LORI !!!!!
Ouch, who pinched me!!!
Until we meet again~Blessings

Friday, August 22, 2008

Fall Cleaning and Moving Cupboards

I started my fall cleaning, actually I wanted to move some of my big pieces of furniture around, so while I did that I cleaned. This piece is now next to my refrigerator, When we built the house I didn't want a standard cabinet here, so we opted to use old pieces. This is a very early piece with all square nail construction. I would love to have some of my collections in here with the doors open for all to see, but my husband is a clutter nut and saves all kind of papers, and at the end of the day they go to the nearest available spot, and that use to be right here next to the refrigerator where this cupboard is now. The cupboard I had here previously let him do just that. But, I fixed that yesterday I moved that cupboard into the living room and this one to the kitchen. He came home from work yesterday and said OH, where do I put my stuff. I opened the door and said right here, and there is a nail to hang your keys up. I asked him if this was ok with him, he said it doesn't matter, I'm use to the furniture being moved around, nothing is ever where it was yesterday, it's like coming home to a different house every day. Well, I said not everyday, but just about.

And, this is what the inside looks like, the first 2 shelves are his, and the rest hold my large appliances .
Well, back to my fall cleaning and moving. And then, I'm going out to mow the lawn. I won't have time for it tomorrow, I'm going school shopping with my daughter.
Till we meet again, Blessings