Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Voters passed Question 3, which phases out greyhound racing by 2010 at the few remaining Massachusetts racetracks. Racing dogs endure lives of terrible confinement, kept in small cages barely large enough to stand up or turn around for 20 or more hours per day. The dogs also suffer serious injuries in high-speed collisions on the track, including broken legs, head trauma and heart attacks. Fortunately, there's now a light at the end of the tunnel for these gentle dogs.
Till we meet again~Blessings


Elm Hollow Primitives said...

Cheryl Goodevening, I came across your blog via 1824 antiques and rabbithollowprimities. I myself have taken care of many stray and feral kitties. We have found homes for alot of them. When we moved into our farmhouse 6 years ago a black kitty lived here. We have since named here Mumma. She had a litter as soon as we found her and has been the sweetest cat ever. She usually sits on my lap when I'm on the computer and gives my hugs and kisses every so often. Thanks to wonderful people like you our animal friends have a chance for a good life.


Paula said...

Oh that is good news Cheryl!

Happy Dogs on Thursday!

soulbrush said...

omg i so agree with you about this!!!!

Chickadee Primitives said...

I'm so happy that my vote mattered in a positive way! Poor babies.

My show was at the Salem Cross. Maybe next year you could come and we could meet!

Have a happy week!


Lapdog Creations said...

Huge kudos to all the wonderful people who adopt these beautiful babies!

GoldenTracks said...

Great News! I so love greyhounds. They have never deserved the cruelty they have endured.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Hope this isn't a duplicate posting, having some trouble with the comment form. It is great news for these wonderful dogs and the people who care about them that the voters stood up for them!

nikkicrumpet said...

Hey Cheryl!! We're neighbors I see. And I definitely voted to do away with the dog racing. I was so elated when I found out that it had won and those sweet animals will no longer be abused. It's nice to know that every now and then...who am I kidding...on a RARE occasion Massachusetts voters get something right lol

Elm Hollow Primitives said...

Hi Cheryl-Question I recieved all you blog comments today on my email. Is that something I did or you? I am to new yet to figure this one out.LOL
Sorry Donna

i said...

This is great news! Can't imagine them living in such a way.

Criquette said...

Thank you for posting this. greyhounds are my very favorite breed of dog - the DH and I had a greyhound mix who was wonderful, and my mom had a very sweet rescued greyhound (ex-racer). There can't be a sweeter or gentler dog than one of these beauties. I love everyone in Mass. who voted to save them!