Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Went for a Job Interview

WELL, I went for a job interview yesterday, for a Site Coordinator for an after school program.
I researched the program, read the polices and procedures manual that I found on-line, pondered what questions that they would ask me. I wanted to know as much about the position as I could before the interview.
I went over these questions and over them, I stressed myself out so much I couldn't sleep the night before the interview. I wasn't nervous going to the interview, which was strange, I was considerably calm, you see I thought I knew everything they were going to ask me after all I googled interview questions and figured what else could they ask me. They threw me for a loop with their interview questions, two of them interviewing me. Now I have worked with kindergarten children before, I ran my own daycare, and have run business's with my husband.
NONE, of their questions were what I expected. I answered them the best I could, all in all I was a little stunned. They were reading their questions from notes they had taken. Um mm, why can't we take notes into an interview! Wouldn't my answers be what they wanted to hear.
That is the million dollar question, what is it that they want to hear, they know in their minds what they want us to say, so if we don't say what they want to hear, do we totally get skipped over, and what if no-one says what they want to hear, what then.
I have been thinking positive about the job, and envisioning myself in this job, and finally saying to myself I have this job.
This whole job searching is stressful, why can't they just give me the job after-all I want the job, and I am qualified for the job.
If only we lived in a perfect world!
Wish me luck!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Vision Board

I have these two on my Vision Board, among other things. I would like a screen house so we could sit outside and not get bitten by all those mosquitos, and this garage/barn would look so nice in our yard. We have a Vision Board, and we put pictures of the things we want/need, and we look at them everyday and envision that we have them. I'm still envisioning these. A girl can dream can't she!!

Friday, July 25, 2008


If YOU or anyone you know is looking to rescue and adopt a dog. Here is a story and pictures of a beautiful female in need of a home. I subscribe to the Best Friends Animal Rescue Group and this was sent today, for urgent attention. The myth about pit bulls is only a myth. We have two pit bulls who live in our home and they are excellent dogs, devoted and loving. They would not put her up for adoption if she was not adoptable. They have worked with her, and she is adoptable and ready for her forever home. Please read on:
Mariann, A Beautiful and Docile 3-4 Year Old Female Pit Bull, Abandoned, Starving and Without Identification, found towards the end of April 2008.
As soon as she was discovered, she was immediately rescued and brought to the East Veterinary Group. She was so grateful and affectionate that she won the hearts of all who met her in an instant and it was observed over a month's at the vet's that she loves adults, children and other dogs and never growls at anyone even strangers:
This loving dog needs a loving home, just like her!!!!!!
She is now at the Bayside Vet Center (718)229-5577
Please call me at (718)767-1192
Jackie (718) 767-1192 tourniquetinc@aol.com


~Adopt this beautiful female dog~

Thursday, July 24, 2008

~Final Farewell~

My Aunt Louise passed away Sunday the 20th, at home with her family, she was 85. This was my mothers older sister. My mom passed away 11 years ago from ALS at the young age of 67. We went to her calling hours last night and this morning to the funeral. During her last hour of life, she saw my mom, her mom and Jesus, she told her family she saw them, and they were waiting for her. I makes my heart feel good, knowing she saw my mom and my mom was waiting for her sister to welcome her into the spiritual world. She will be missed by her family! God Bless!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I promised a finsihed picture of the Bee Skeps that Laura and I made. These were both made using the orange plastic cones, one cone was taller than the other. Before they dry completely, remove them from the cones by flipping them over, these didn't release completely right away, it took a little rough handling by banging on the cone, they finally released. We used a couple different tools trying to find the best one to scribe the lines in. This is our first attempt, we are going to make some more, next time we are going to remove them from the cones sooner so the scribing goes easier. Laura has her's in her garden area. I'm going to go to her house and get some picutres of her beautiful flowers for you to see! Enjoy, try making some for yourself, they were not difficult at all, the only time consuming part was making the lines.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Ingredients for a Bee Skep

What do you think I made?

Monday~Monday I mentioned that I was going to make some concrete Bee Skeps for my Bee Skep house that my husband and my son had made me. This project for us is new, we have never made anything with concrete, never mind Bee Skeps. Well, my friend Laura, and I went to Home Depot yesterday and bought 2 bags of concrete, we had good intentions of finishing these all in one day. By the time we got the concrete and had the nice man at Home Depot put it in my car, you see we thought we could carry 80 Lbs of dry concrete, not one bag but two, well that wasn't happening, anyways we needed help.

Around 7pm we started mixing the concrete with water, and you can see my husband helped mix the bags for us. We shoveled the concrete into these Orange cones, and found a level spot so that they could dry, by the time we did all this it was 8PM, and the mosquito's were bit ting. We went into the house and thought about how we were going to finish these, you see we still needed to remove them from the cones and scribe them with lines, so that they resemble bee skeps, all before they completely dried. We decided that all that would have to wait until morning or afternoon.

Well, today we removed them from the cones, mind you it is in the 90's today and humid, we sat under a large umbrella and began to work our magic. I will post a finished picture in my next post!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

BEES, those wonderful beautiful BEES

Historical importance ~ The importance of bees, hasn't changed in more than three hundred years. We know that without bees, we could not have grown the watermelon, asparagus and apple crops that were documented. Farming neighbors, were dependent on annual pollination by the swarms of tiny insects that facilitated such succulent plant life in fields and orchards.
On a very basic level, one might even argue that bees were as crucial to the survival and development of early society in this county as were things like horses, muskets, ferry boats and grist mills. Without healthy bee population human inhabitants would have been without fundamental foodstuffs and economic staples like corn, squash, pumpkins and carrots. The story of the honey bee, is really the story of human agriculture -- and it hardly gets more historic than that.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hot, Hot, Summer Day

Too hot to do much of anything today, we cooked out on the grill, had cheesburgers. The humidity here makes it seem hotter than it is. The yard needs to be cut but not today, it will have to wait. Remember your fur babies and make sure they are all inside where its cool, and that they have lots of water. This is where I wish I was today!
Stay cool!
I'm going to post a picture soon of the bee skep house my husband made me. No bee skep in it yet. My friend Laura is going to come over tomorrow and we are going to make concrete beeskeps, then I will post a picture.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Colonial housewives and cooks began their days very early by modern standards. They built the fire, carried water, gathered fresh fruits and vegetables for the day's meals from the kitchen garden, got meat from the smokehouse, and prepared breakfast. This meal usually consisted of mush with milk, which was sweetened with molasses. The mid-day meal, dinner, was the heaviest, generally served between noon and 3 pm. This meal was commonly a stew, the ingredients of which varied with the seasons. The advantage of serving stew was that it required little tending from the housewife and required only one pot. Puddings could also be steamed in fabric bags suspended above the cooking pot of stew. Individual portions of meat and vegetables were uncommon in the colonies until the 1700's, and then were had by well-to-do colonists. Supper, the evening meal, was generally warmed up leftovers.
Women trained girls to be wives and mothers by having them help around the house. Girls helped with cooking, preserving food, caring for children, cleaning the house, washing clothes and gardening. They milked cows, churned butter, and made cheese. Girls' work was important to cloth making. After the men and boys grew flax and sheared sheep, girls and single women did the spinning, knitting, sewing, and sometimes weaving. Girls spun wool and flax so that it could be woven into fabric or knitted into socks, hats, scarves, and mittens. They usually brought yarn to weavers to have cloth woven and they used the cloth to make clothing and sacks. Girls sewed by hand, with strong, tiny stitches that would hold clothes together during many washings over years of wear. Most girls became wives and mothers who worked on the farm and in the house. Some became midwives, servants, tavernkeepers, or school mistresses. Girls could not go to college.

Happy Thursday, almost the weekend, I am still trying to fiqure out how to get my pictures to post to my blog. I read a tutorial, and I thought I was doing the right thing but my pictures are still not coming up on my preview. Well, here I go again, I promise I will make this blog interesting as soon as I figure the whole thing out!!!
Yes, I was able to upload this picture, now to post it to the blog

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Best Friends Animal Society ~ Sign the Petition

And then sign, Thank you

Michael MountainBest Friends
P.S. Here’s the draft of a letter you could send to your local newspaper or post on a blog:
Dear Editor,
Senator Obama and his family have said that, win or lose, they’re going to add a dog to their family after the election this November.
That’s a great idea. But I hope they decide to adopt one from their local shelter. Why? Because as long as people still buy their pets from pet stores and commercial breeders, millions of abandoned pets are killed in shelters across the country every year.
So here’s one issue that’s truly bi-partisan – one that we can all agree on. Let’s ask our national leaders always to adopt their pets from shelters, rather than buying them from pet stores.
Members of Best Friends Animal Society have started a petition to invite the Obama family to do just that. Whether you're a Democrat or a Republican, left-wing, right-wing or any other wing, you can make a bipartisan difference by signing our petition at ObamaFamilyDog.com, and encouraging all your friends and family to sign it, too.
Thanks for thinking about the nation’s homeless pets!

Getting Started

I have learned how to change my font and change the color, YEA. I belong to Delphi Forum Primitive and Rustic, I am asking the wonderful people on the forum for information on Blogging, how to change things to customize them. This is like being in school and learning something new, I think I like it.

Monday, July 14, 2008

This is going to take me a little bit of getting use to, I'm going into this not knowing what I am doing, but I feel that it is something that I want to do.
I love reading others Blog's, I have so many saved under my favorites, that I thought it was time to enlighted myself with my own Blog. I have high hopes that I will write everyday and hopefully I will be able to entertain someone else with my blog as others have entertained me.
Ok, so I am NEW at this blogging thing