Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Went for a Job Interview

WELL, I went for a job interview yesterday, for a Site Coordinator for an after school program.
I researched the program, read the polices and procedures manual that I found on-line, pondered what questions that they would ask me. I wanted to know as much about the position as I could before the interview.
I went over these questions and over them, I stressed myself out so much I couldn't sleep the night before the interview. I wasn't nervous going to the interview, which was strange, I was considerably calm, you see I thought I knew everything they were going to ask me after all I googled interview questions and figured what else could they ask me. They threw me for a loop with their interview questions, two of them interviewing me. Now I have worked with kindergarten children before, I ran my own daycare, and have run business's with my husband.
NONE, of their questions were what I expected. I answered them the best I could, all in all I was a little stunned. They were reading their questions from notes they had taken. Um mm, why can't we take notes into an interview! Wouldn't my answers be what they wanted to hear.
That is the million dollar question, what is it that they want to hear, they know in their minds what they want us to say, so if we don't say what they want to hear, do we totally get skipped over, and what if no-one says what they want to hear, what then.
I have been thinking positive about the job, and envisioning myself in this job, and finally saying to myself I have this job.
This whole job searching is stressful, why can't they just give me the job after-all I want the job, and I am qualified for the job.
If only we lived in a perfect world!
Wish me luck!!!!!!!


simple~needs said...

i hope you get the job!! saying a little prayer for good luck.

The Real Estate Talker said...

Thank you, for the prayer, I might need that prayer, their interviewing a whole lot of people
thank you

Raggedy Angel said...

I hope you get it...it is the waitting that bites!
I enjoy your blog!
I am gonna try those bee skeps.

The Real Estate Talker said...

Thanks for reading my Blog, I enjoy posting. I have you blog saved under my favorites. Let me know how your bee skeps come out

Tammy Burks said...

I'm sending positive thoughts your way.

simple~needs said...
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simple~needs said...

hi cheryl, diregard my deleted post. i cant type.lol

anyways, i wanted to let you know i added you to my blog faves list!
have a great day!