Monday, July 21, 2008

What do you think I made?

Monday~Monday I mentioned that I was going to make some concrete Bee Skeps for my Bee Skep house that my husband and my son had made me. This project for us is new, we have never made anything with concrete, never mind Bee Skeps. Well, my friend Laura, and I went to Home Depot yesterday and bought 2 bags of concrete, we had good intentions of finishing these all in one day. By the time we got the concrete and had the nice man at Home Depot put it in my car, you see we thought we could carry 80 Lbs of dry concrete, not one bag but two, well that wasn't happening, anyways we needed help.

Around 7pm we started mixing the concrete with water, and you can see my husband helped mix the bags for us. We shoveled the concrete into these Orange cones, and found a level spot so that they could dry, by the time we did all this it was 8PM, and the mosquito's were bit ting. We went into the house and thought about how we were going to finish these, you see we still needed to remove them from the cones and scribe them with lines, so that they resemble bee skeps, all before they completely dried. We decided that all that would have to wait until morning or afternoon.

Well, today we removed them from the cones, mind you it is in the 90's today and humid, we sat under a large umbrella and began to work our magic. I will post a finished picture in my next post!

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