Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 Humor for the love of our Pets

Have the Holidays left you feeling a little STRESSED

Trying out for the entertainment - for the Family Wedding

When your cup runneth over

I would like to think that her Mommy is right
around the corner


Black or with Milk

This is my kind of dog,

smarter than the people who posted the sign

If the shoe doesn't fit ~ your stuck on the velcro

IF the shoe fits wear it

When your not really sure if you wanted a cat as a pet

Where there is WARMTH there is LOVE

Have a wonderful day with your family,

be safe

And hug your Pets today

Till we meet again~Blessings, Cheryl

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy New Year ~ 2009

The Christmas Holidays are over, Whew, I made it thru another year.

Mailed my cards to family and friends far away.

Wrapped our presents on Christmas Eve with my daughter NiCollette.

On Christmas Eve we made our Breakfast Casserole and French Toast Casserole, and all our pies and cakes.

Christmas morning, we slept in until 9. Put our breakfast in the oven, turned on the coffee and set the table for breakfast, after breakfast we went up to the 3rd floor of our home and opened presents by the Christmas Tree.

After we exchanged our gifts, we headed back downstairs to get ready for Christmas Dinner.

We cooked Prime Rib Roast, a Spiral Ham.

Baked potatoes with sour cream, bacon bits and cheese

Green Bean Casserole, butternut squash, buttered corn rolls and butter

Desserts: Pecan pie, chocolate creme pie, cheesecake and Red Velvet Cake

After dinner we talked with family and friends and relaxed.

What a wonderful day we had, I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Another year is upon us, I hope for good health for family and friends a wonderful happy and prosperous New Year

And remember on New Years Eve when you return home, have something in your hands when you enter your door, it is an old custom that my mother always followed, it means you will have a prosperous New Year

Till we meet again~Blessings~Cheryl

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Storm is coming to our area, tomorrow, and its a BIG one. We were just hit with an ice storm that left many many towns in New England devasted. Some are still without power. Everyone is geering up for the storm, that's what we do in New England.

School has already been set to let the kids out 3 hours earlier than usual. We go grocery shopping and stock up, because you never know the stores might not open ever again. Shovels are waiting at the doors, the salt is ready to pour on the steps and the walks. The snow blowers have all been gased up and the snow plows you see waiting at the shopping malls and in everyones driveways. We get the cord wood ready for the fire places, the woodstoves and we then enjoy those wonderful roaring fires at the Hearth

This happens every year in New England, and we do it the same way every year. Us New Englanders are very conservative and we like to be ready for what every comes our way. If were not ready then we are devastated.

We know we will survive we are survivors, it usually doesn't just happen once a year, it sometimes happens over and over again. And, then we have next year, and the next year, and as long as we live in New England we will endure the change of seasons. They say if you stand in one place long enough the weather will change. We do have beautiful seasons to enjoy, my favorite is Fall. I grew up in Orlando Florida so I'm not much of a winter person, but I do take it all in stride and try to make the best of the winter. We tend to hibernate during the winter months as the bears do. I like to sew and hook my rugs and decorating is an all time favorite of mine.

It does look pretty when the snow is falling and right after, especially at Christmas time when the houses are all beautifully decorated for the Holidays.
It does get us in the Christmas Spirit. We all love a White Christmas. It seems if its not White, then something is missing. Well its time to bundle down and get ready for the White Winter Wonderland.

I am posting a few pictures of my home decorated for Christmas, these are just a few, more to come

Till we meet again Blessings Cheryl!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm almost finished decorating, I have put up a couple of tress and a few of my many Christmas items. I have so much Christmas stuff in boxes in the basement that I don't even bring it all out anymore. I sift through the boxes and every year I seem more selective in what I put out.
I seem to have gotton to be more of a purist with Christmas and decorating. I love to decorate with natural items from the outside. I cut pine from my own pine trees in my yard I bring in pinecones and of course the winter berries oh I love the red winter berries.
I have my little window lights in the windows, my old sleds outside resting on the steps as if someone had just got finished sledding.
I love the old early look of Christmas
Cotton Batting Santas, old mittens, old stockings on the mantel. Lots of my early pieces get a touch of pine to bring out the Christmas feel.
Next, I will go outside and put some white lights on my little old fence in the front yard with a roping of evergreen and some greens on the old sleds.
Bring out the old wool blankets to decorate with, old bowls filled with fresh pine, pomegrantes and oranges
Candy jars filled with old fashioned candy canes
And a wreath on the doors
and maybe if I'm lucky I will string another garland of fruit.
I'll post pictures as soon as it all looks festive
Till we meet again~ Blessings Cheryl

Monday, December 1, 2008


My little eyes are watching

All you say and do

And when I grow up big and tall
I want to be like you.

My little ears are listening

To everything you say

I am learning how to grow up

To be like you someday.

So be careful how you teach me

To be the person that you are.

You’re a knight in shining armor

You’re my brightest shining star.


12-01-1993 / 12-01-2008