Sunday, July 20, 2008

BEES, those wonderful beautiful BEES

Historical importance ~ The importance of bees, hasn't changed in more than three hundred years. We know that without bees, we could not have grown the watermelon, asparagus and apple crops that were documented. Farming neighbors, were dependent on annual pollination by the swarms of tiny insects that facilitated such succulent plant life in fields and orchards.
On a very basic level, one might even argue that bees were as crucial to the survival and development of early society in this county as were things like horses, muskets, ferry boats and grist mills. Without healthy bee population human inhabitants would have been without fundamental foodstuffs and economic staples like corn, squash, pumpkins and carrots. The story of the honey bee, is really the story of human agriculture -- and it hardly gets more historic than that.

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