Friday, August 22, 2008

Fall Cleaning and Moving Cupboards

I started my fall cleaning, actually I wanted to move some of my big pieces of furniture around, so while I did that I cleaned. This piece is now next to my refrigerator, When we built the house I didn't want a standard cabinet here, so we opted to use old pieces. This is a very early piece with all square nail construction. I would love to have some of my collections in here with the doors open for all to see, but my husband is a clutter nut and saves all kind of papers, and at the end of the day they go to the nearest available spot, and that use to be right here next to the refrigerator where this cupboard is now. The cupboard I had here previously let him do just that. But, I fixed that yesterday I moved that cupboard into the living room and this one to the kitchen. He came home from work yesterday and said OH, where do I put my stuff. I opened the door and said right here, and there is a nail to hang your keys up. I asked him if this was ok with him, he said it doesn't matter, I'm use to the furniture being moved around, nothing is ever where it was yesterday, it's like coming home to a different house every day. Well, I said not everyday, but just about.

And, this is what the inside looks like, the first 2 shelves are his, and the rest hold my large appliances .
Well, back to my fall cleaning and moving. And then, I'm going out to mow the lawn. I won't have time for it tomorrow, I'm going school shopping with my daughter.
Till we meet again, Blessings


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that I picked you for best blog!Stop on by.....
Many Blessings.......

Dogpatch Primitives said...

I think your hub is my hub! hub sets all his paper, keys, and junk (including loose pennies) on my Hoosier, and it always looks so messy. I have even given him a small basket to plop it all in to, but he still manages to leave the pennies outside of it!

I hope it's not too much trouble for your hub to open the door to place his things inside the cupboard.

Beautiful cupboard btw, and thank you for sharing :)

Carolyn said...

I love your cupboard! It reminds me of one I have.

Thanks for visiting my Blog. Stop by again. I am having a giveaway soon!!